This crazy year!

Yes, of course, there’s the pandemic, the riots, the murder hornets, and now the wild fires and the hurricane (did I miss anything?), but the crazy to which I’m referring is the crazy success that Far East Deep South has had on the film festival circuit!

I’m very proud to share that the feature doc I served as editor on has been accepted into nine film festivals this year and has, so far, won awards at two of them! This includes best feature at the Women Texas Film Festival . Just amazing!

Of course, nearly all these festivals are now online due to the pandemic, but that makes it so much easier for anyone to see, including you! So if you want to catch a screening, please go to the Screenings page on the film’s website. Enjoy!


So happy and proud to announce that the feature documentary I’ve served as editor on is finally going to make it’s way into the world with a premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley, CA this March! And that will be followed closely by a screening at the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, MS! I’m planning on being at both festivals and am excited to be able to see it with an audience as well as just enjoying the fruit of our labor.

The film now has it’s own web site here, and you can see the trailer here. And here’s the poster:

My year in review (so far)

Hi all, I figured I’d start my blog by reviewing what I’ve been up to this year, by way of some of the projects I’ve been working on.

“Terror” Early this year, I finished a music video for the band Starflyer 59. This was a ‘spec’ video as it was simply an idea I had, and I had no connection with the band. I had recently heard their song “Terror” and I got an idea of how I would interpret it visually. I directed, shot, and edited it and brought in my friend Erin Miracle to act in it. As I was wrapping up editing, I found out that a friend of mine knew people at their record label, Tooth & Nail, and also knew some of the band. He was able to get the video to them and they gave it their seal of approval. I was happy about that and pretty happy with the results overall. Check it out below.

“Sunday School” This summer, I edited a short film called Sunday School, which was part of the 168 Film Festival, a film competition where filmmakers have one week to make a film. Though ours was in a special category so we had more time.

It’s a sweet comedy about a grieving grandfather coming to terms with the loss of his wife while dealing with the challenges of modern technology. I had a great time working with director Yvette Sams and the rest of the post production crew who all brought their “A” game.

It’s not on line yet, but stay tuned and I’ll certainly post a link when it is.

“Tiny Kitchen Big Taste” This year I continued to direct, shoot and edit this online cooking show featuring Michael Fucci. After 145 episodes, we are taking a break. I’ll of course be noting it’s return here, or you can just subscribe to the YouTube channel.

In the mean time, check out this sample episode from April 30th. I make a voice cameo in it!

“Funny You Should Ask” I have been continuing to work as the show’s casting editor. For those who wonder what a casting editor is, all contestants are interviewed on a Skype call that usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. I take those calls and cut them down to under 2 minutes so the producers can review potential contestants efficiently. As you might imaging, it can be challenging at times, but I believe I’ve gotten better at getting to the essence of a story through this work.

If you want to watch it, check your local listings, or go here to find out when it’s on in your local market.

“Far East Deep South” (Working Title) I am currently wrapping up editing on this feature documentary. It’s the moving story of a Chinese/American family from California who discover their family roots are not most recently in China, but in Mississippi. Along the way, they learn about the unexpected history of the Chinese in the American South. More news to come, but we hope to be hitting the film festival circuit early next year.

For more information, go here to learn about the short film, Finding Cleveland that preceded this film, and on which I also served as editor. You can sign up for the mailing list there.

That’s about it for now. Have a great rest of the year!